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Do not become trapped in your cars and truck with a vehicle escape device that does not function. Your life could depend on it.

There are numerous seemingly affordable replica car extrication hammers on the market that have an appearance similar to the original Classic Lifehammer. Don't be deceived. A lot of them use inferior high quality steel and also low-cost plastic to maintain their prices low. In a genuine emergency situation the outcomes can be terrible.
When it concerns the safety and security of you and also your family, only the very best will certainly do.
The Initial Lifehammer Classic is a high quality automobile retreat tool made in The Netherlands. In an emergency it will easily ruin a car home window as well as piece via an obstructed seat belt Visit Website so you can leave automobile entrapment.
The Initial Lifehammer has actually been offered the renowned GS TUV strict German security qualification.
Do not risk your life with a cheap imitation. Always search for the GS TUV tag.
Order the Original Lifehammer Safety And Security Hammer Classic.
To purchase click the find this web link in the description below.
The original safety hammer is now referred to as the "Traditional". It is a top quality car getaway device that has a dual sided safety hammer look at these guys head made of carbon steel. The carbon steel head is cone shaped and also comes to a point which permits it to easily break a tempered glass home window. Lots of people don't know that tempered glass is extremely hard to recover cost with a typical claw hammer. It additionally has actually a safeguarded blade that could puncture an obstructed seat belt.

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